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prime interest rate
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feeder cattle futures
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BWV – Our mission in agriculture

In today’s fast-paced world, having the proper information at the right time is a must, if you want your business to stay afloat. Although in business such as agriculture, where more than 95% of business’ (at least in Canada) are ran by families, finding that information and finding it on time is not an easy task.  

For example, if you are a Farmer or a Rancher, it is hard to imagine that you can take proper actions and make correct decisions without having up to date information regarding commodity prices, current cattle market prices, feed grain prices, etc. To calculate your costs and margins, to pick the best time for buying/selling cattle and grains, or to plan your investments. For all of this you need relevant information, information that is updated and which you can trust.  

However, finding the relevant information requires a lot of work and time spent researching, while the quality of data collected is questionable.  

With described challenges on our mind, BWV was created. Our mission with BWV is to gather all this information for you, to track it in real time and to make it available and presented to you in a structured way. 

Above all, BWV has invented a one stop shop and a go to tool for any farmer or rancher in Canada, notwithstanding how small or big your business is. BWV will become your most important tool, your virtual assistant, where you can find all information relevant for your business and much more.  

BWV is also a place where the knowledge and experience is shared between fellow Farmers and Ranchers, a marketplace for buying and selling new and used equipment, a place for job postings, for finding land for sale or rent, a place tailormade to enable and encourage collaboration within agriculture industry. 

With BWV, you will be the technology enabled Farmer or Rancher, ready to meet all the challenges this industry brings in 21st century!F

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BWV created a platform for Farmers, Ranchers, and Consumers to have valuable and relevant agriculture information at their finger tips and in one location. We thrive off being an easy access platform for all users within the agriculture industry.

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Why Grow Wheat?

Wheat is an important crop for many reasons. It provides food for people all around the globe, and it also helps feed livestock that provide meat for humans.

There are several reasons why farmers grow wheat. First, it’s a highly nutritious grain that contains more protein than other grains. Second, it’s easy to grow and requires little maintenance. Third, it’s relatively inexpensive to produce compared to other grains. And finally, it’s versatile enough to be used as animal feed, flour, and even beer.

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