Connecting Farmers and Ranchers.
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“For more than five generations, our families have been involved in the ranching and farming industry”

Despite having the benefits of technology to research livestock prices each fall, we still found ourselves spending a lot of time manually searching through auction house sale prices, calling neighboring ranchers, and reaching out to our personal network of contacts to determine the current market price and speculate on the best time to sell cattle.

It is a time consuming and inefficient process, and we wanted a better way for us, and the next generation, to utilize modern technology in the future to market and research agriculture products more efficiently, and to get back to the day-to-day activities of ranching.

“Our mission is to provide an easy access platform that centralizes valuable agriculture information, enables collaboration, and provides new innovative ways for farmers, ranchers, and consumers to connect”

Connecting Farmers and Ranchers.
It's what we do.

When we started looking into possible markets for an app to help ranchers sell their cattle, we realized that the entire agricultural industry was underserved.

The benefits of a digital portal to provide farmers and ranchers with easy access to review markets and news, buy and sell equipment and land, and collaborate with others in the same industry, were enormous.

That realization was when the concept for BusinessWideView was created, and the work began to develop an app to bridge the gap and act as a “one stop shop” for agricultural content.



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Business Wide View Presents the AG CHNL and AG APP

Do you have videos of your livestock you would like to share? Perhaps a video of your cow dog or your seed drill in action? How about some tips or tricks you do in your daily operation to share with other fellow farmers and ranchers? You can now not only use the Ag app but can also use the Ag Channel to promote your operation, livestock and knowledge with the greater farming and ranching community.