The Electronic Auction Market

TEAM (The Electronic Auction Market) is owned and operated by The Calgary Stockyards. The Calgary Stockyards have been marketing cattle through TEAM since 1986.

TEAM operated on a closed network between the years of 1986 and 2002. In August of 2002, TEAM made the transition from the old closed network to the Internet, opening TEAM Auction Sales to the World. All TEAM Auction Sales take place on the Internet today.

To date, TEAM has marketed more than 4,000,000 head of cattle.

As grain markets are moving faster and faster.

What is the most important thing to know when harvesting your grains?

Agriculture is an industry that is thousands of years old. However, despite all the technology, knowledge in biology and chemistry, better tools and state of the art equipment, some things will never change. We still need earth, water, and sun to have crops year after year. Once the crops are harvested, we still need to sell them to be able to invest in seeds, labour, and at the end of the day to make some profit.

Therefore, we come to the most important thing a farmer needs to know, when to harvest the crops. Of course, it is the current market price of the respective grains. Deciding when and where to sell is primarily based on this information and having this information at the right time often means a difference between profit and loss.

BWV as a platform is dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers to tackle the agriculture industry and beat the status quo with the help of technology. Therefore, one of the most important features of BWV’s platform is the presentation of current market prices of all grains and agricultural commodities, in real time.

We are not alone in this important quest! We have partnered with our friends from Agfinity, a company that allows direct and full access to the agricultural marketplace, with the aim to provide our friends, farmers, and ranchers access to this important information at any time.

Apart from information, Agfinity also provides transparency and deep insights in market trends, as every offer and trade is shown live.

As grain markets are moving faster and faster, our partner Agfinity, and we at BWV are dedicated at connecting a community of buyers and sellers, to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business.

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SLRRP Surface Lease Rental Recovery Partner

The Surface Lease Rental Recovery Program (SLRRP) is a division of Agri-Energy Partners Ltd (Formerly Section 25 Management). It was designed to help landowners when oil companies were not paying lease rentals. We have completed hundreds of applications on behalf of our clients, have a dedicated file tracking system and now have access to complete applications online through the Land and Property Rights Tribunal’s (LPRT) portal. We have built solid relationships with LPRT staff that enable us to get questions answered and files moving forward. We would be happy to chat with you about how we can partner together to navigate this complicated process and recover your lost revenue.

Partners Ltd.

Agri-Energy Partners Ltd. (Formerly known as Section 25 Management) has deep roots in agriculture and the family farm, providing you with over 50 years of combined experience from a professional land agent and administrative team.

For decades, Alberta and Saskatchewan oil and gas companies have been negotiating the acquisition of oil and gas reserves with Landowners. Typically, the energy companies send out Land Agents to represent their interests. As a Landowner, you are left to sift through the information and make decisions that significantly impact your livelihood and land assets. You are entitled to have fair representation at the bargaining table and someone representing your needs.


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We believe diverse groups of people, empowered with inspiration, opportunity and the right tools, have the capacity to swiftly and profoundly change the world for good. We are proud not just of what we do, but how we do it – from developing innovative products and services and investing in our people, giving our customers the best possible service.

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Business Wide View Presents the AG CHNL and AG APP

Do you have videos of your livestock you would like to share? Perhaps a video of your cow dog or your seed drill in action? How about some tips or tricks you do in your daily operation to share with other fellow farmers and ranchers? You can now not only use the Ag app but can also use the Ag Channel to promote your operation, livestock and knowledge with the greater farming and ranching community.