BWV Weekly Cattle and Feed Grain Report

BusinessWideView- BWV has all the valuable and relevant agriculture information in one location, so farmers and ranchers only spend a limited amount of time searching for what they need to stay on top of their business. The right tools are provided to them to support their business with a wider view with BWV! 

Our partners at TEAM – The Electronic Auction Mart, and all of us at BWV, are so excited to bring a weekly cattle report! 

TEAM has been around since 1986 and has sold over five million head of cattle through their online trading platform. This has provided opportunities for producers to give their cattle exposure to more buyers, including buyers from out of province.

 We provide a brief overview of how each market is holding up on a week-to-week basis, which we believe will significantly help producers track when a good time is to buy/sell cattle. This helps farmers and ranchers plan for months ahead to determine when the best time is for their operation. 

BWV – Cattle

BWV wants to connect producers with service providers like TEAM in the agriculture industry, and by doing that our industry will grow, flourish, and be potentially more profitable for all of us!

Due to inflation and the increasing costs of pretty much everything, our margins have become tighter than they already were. We want to help your operation become more sustainable by providing you with educational information, and now we have added exclusive market reports to the list of BWV benefits!

Meet us on the BWV app every Friday for our weekly cattle market reports. We do the homework, so you don’t have to!

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